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FT Mercati manages training courses in its own location or directly in customer’s premises on LME, price risk hedging, technical analysis, Excel
Teachers are highly qualified and boast lot of experience both in teaching and in financial markets. The course’s themes and time can be suited to fit the client’s needs.
Some of the main standard courses are set on these topics:

Introduction to the LME-London Metal Exchange
- LME prices - Spot Prices (cash) and futures prices - LMEselect, Ring, Inter-office

Hedging base education
- The basics of hedging on the LME - How to protect your warehouse worth - How to grant future prices - How to work with brokers

Technical analysis applied to the world of non-ferrous metals
- How to understand and manage the price trend - How to forecast the market’s swing points

Using Excel for different business operations
- How to create sales prices based on the LME prices - How to compare LME and supplier prices - How to value the warehouse