Excel™ add-in

Excel ™ add-in allows you to access the market data

Currencies and Rates
Crude Oil
Excel™ add-in link your sheets with real time and historical LME, FOREX, precious metals and crude oil data.
Excel ™ 2007 or above is required to install and use the add-in.
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Historical data
It's possible to select data usefull for download through a simple interface (ECB fixing prices, LME Official and LMEselect, LME stocks). Data is available for non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminium, nickel, lead, Tin, zinc, aluminum, secondary NASAAC), minor metals (cobalt and molybdenum) and for steel.

Real-time data
It's also possible to connect directly Excel ™ with real time LME, Forex, precious metals and crude oil data. It's required the Premium and real-time data services to receive real-time data.