FT Mercati can provide hedging advice and assistance to companies that need to buy or sell nonferrous metals, semi-finished and finished products.

Large variations in prices can lead to heavy effects on the value of inventories in stock or the purchase of new raw material.

However it is possible to contain or eliminate the risk by operating appropriately in the financial markets.

The ability to open Long and Short positions allows for both upward and downward price protection.

Starting with the information provided by the individual company about the timing and methods of metal procurement, as well as the timing and methods of sale of the finished product, all useful information is provided to properly manage price risk so as to contain the effects of rises or falls that can erode or wipe out the company's margin


Ft Mercati can provide trading advice and assistance to companies operating in the nonferrous metals sector.

Starting with the information provided by the company about the timing and methods of metal procurement, useful guidance is provided for making fixings according to the price trends.

The purpose is to avoid or minimize the metal purchases during the prices' upward phases and take advantage from the downward phases.

By operating sistematically and with good tools for the market trends' analysis, it is possible to engage with small deviations from the annual and period average.


FT Mercati organizes training classes by its HQs or directly by the customers' offices.
Classes are taught by highly qualified staff and can be tailored to the client's needs in both content and duration.
Here some topics:

Introduction to LME - London Metal Exchange

How prices are built - Cash prices and futures - LMEselect, Ring, Inter-Office

Introduction to Hedging

How to hedge at the LME - Protection of stock value - Locking in a future price - How to deal with a broker

Technical analysis applied to nonferrous metals

Understanding price trends - How to anticipate the reversal of market trends

Excel for business

How to create a sales list based on LME prices- How to compare supplier prices with LME prices- How to value your inventory